Our Story

We’re ladies who love cake…
and the celebrations that come with it.

We like to think of ourselves as kind-hearted and a-little-bit-nerdy, artistic perfectionists with an affinity for sugar, butter, and flour. 

Whether you’re planning an intimate affair or grand celebration, one-of-a kind-cakes are our specialty.
Our bespoke cakes are not only designed as a reflection of yourself or the event but create a visual focal point that leaves your guests enchanted down to the last bite. Each cake is handcrafted with love and the finest quality ingredients. Paired with our meticulous eye for detail, they’re not just a cake—they’re an experience.

Hi! I’m Ashley—founder and creative director of Buttercream Design Co. (I’m also mom to Charlie, my 2.5 year old little boy, two dogs affectionately named Ellie & Karl, and my cat Taco, who I’ve repeatedly climbed a 60-foot tree to rescue. But I digress …

Whatever reason brought you here today, you’ve got a reason to celebrate, and I’m excited that we get to share in that celebration with you. Being invited into our clients’ special moments is the best part of this business! (We’d love to RSVP with a joy-filled “YES!”)

With more than 18 years of experience whipping up wedding cakes—in places like The Biltmore Estate, Pebble Beach and the Four Seasons—my team and I have designed and baked countless cakes and pastries for weddings, parties and events all over the world. But, one thing we’d all say: every single one is special and tells a unique story in its own way.

We're not sure which is better: the kind of cake people that are tempted to reach out and touch just to be sure it’s real, or the kind of cake people who want to sneak fingerfuls of buttercream because it’s that delicious.

(We honestly hope no one touches your cake until it’s sliced, but that’s another story.)

Our greatest source of inspiration is YOU—whatever you can dream up, we can find a way to make it out of cake, buttercream, or some other form of sugary goodness.

Our team is strategically located all across the country, with our baking team in the heart of Jackson Hole.

We’re kicking down the traditional brick-and-mortar bakery walls and taking cake to new heights with destination travel. We’ve traveled as far as 3,000 miles for a larger than life wedding, we’ve journeyed 500 miles for a first birthday and we’ve driven down the streets of our beloved Jackson Hole for a dinner for two. We believe what we do is about more than just delicious and beautiful cake, that it’s about joining in all of life’s celebrations with our dear clients. When we’re not baking cakes (or having visions of sugarplums dancing in our heads) we’re a group of ladies who wear all sorts of hats— mom, wife, sister, friend, baker, artist, coffee-addict, dog-lover, and champagne fan-club president, just to name a few.

the ladies of buttercream

At Buttercream Design Co., we’re serious about quality in every aspect.

From our cakes to our client relations we keep only the best on our team, which is why we’re made up of several talented and hardworking women from all across the country.

In addition to cake and all things sweet, the ladies of Buttercream share a collective passion for travel, which is why we’ve developed a way to ship and travel with our cake anywhere and for any occasion.

Let me tell you a little about each of them...


Lead Cake Designer | Jackson, WY

In the time I’ve known Brigid, I have genuinely never laughed more. In addition to her humor, I admire her dedication in every aspect of her life.

Favorite cake: Lemon


Client + Guest Experience | Navarre, FL

I traveled across the country just for a lunch date with her and would do it again in a heartbeat. Together we are the “double” in doublemint gum.

Favorite cake: A Reason to Celebrate


Logistics + Operations | Jackson, WY

Ariel creates the logistics that make my (really big) dreams into reality. I genuinely don’t think there’s anything she can’t accomplish.

Favorite cake: Chocolate Decadence


Strategy + Development | Colorado Springs, CO

She is my sounding board for all ideas on marketing & brand strategy and simultaneously the most photogenic person I know.

Favorite cake: Blackberry Mascarpone


Branding + Design | Fort Walton Beach, FL

This woman is a complete powerhouse— plus she has an incredible eye for design.

Favorite cake: Lemon Raspberry

let’s get to the sweet stuff...


Your celebration needs something sweet to go with the champagne you’re about to pop. One of our bespoke cakes will make your party complete!

The shop

Needing a delicious and delightful cake for a smaller event? One of our shop designs can be just the thing!

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