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Please note that inquiries sent Friday-Sunday will be answered by the following Tuesday, as our weekends are spent either in the kitchen or on site styling dessert tables… or at home with our families!

At this time, our cakes + desserts are available for pick up or delivery. Cakes ordered within a 72-hour window will incur a $50 rush fee.

Our pick up time for Tuesdays are 4 pm, Wednesday - Saturday 9:00 am. We kindly ask our clients to be prompt during the pick up time as our days in the kitchen are busy and precisely timed. (Delivery is available Tuesday - Saturday. Sunday events may be requested.)


Frequently Asked Questions

If your event is located within 350 miles of Jackson Hole then we consider you a local delivery . All locations outside of 350 miles are considered “destination travel.”
Yes! Our cakes travel for any life celebration!
Our availability tends to book out quickly so reach out to us as soon as possible. Most events are booked 9-18 months in advance. A date is only secured once the $2,000 deposit is paid and a contract is signed.
We’ve found the best time to start designing your cake is once you have a few details in place. We’d love to meet with you once your florist, event designer, and coordinator have a solid direction in place, as we’d love to tie these elements into the design or, at the very least, draw inspiration from them!
Yes,we are fully licensed and bake out of a commercial kitchen. Our pastry team is classically trained in both Europe and the United States. Combined with 18 years of experience creating desserts and cakes for luxury events all over the world.
We create a Swiss Buttercream using the finest ingredients. With all of our baking, we take a European approach and find there is a perfect amount of sweetness.
We offer “Serving Cakes” which are cakes assembled to replicate a slice of your wedding cake. This cake is hidden from view and is cut to be served immediately after your cake cutting ceremony. Your guests won’t know the difference. Each cake serves 25 slices.
We’ve found that Vogue’s recent budgeting article was quite right (and helpful). They suggest allocating a budget of 5% of your total wedding cost towards your cake. That being said, we’ve found our package averages to be between $4k-$9k.
A Grooms cake is traditionally served at the rehearsal dinner and is designed (with the groom and his interests in mind) by either the bride, his mother or designed by the groom himself. Our favorite is when the groom’s cake is kept as a surprise for the groom. Occasionally we do see the cake served at the wedding itself.

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