The best cake you’ve ever eaten...

(It’s true, lots of people have said it.)

...Buttercream like silk, a seamless client experience, and a cake that is a piece of art.

We know what you’re thinking, but it’s not too good to be true.

Life is full of spectacularly sweet moments ...
we and our cakes can be there for every single one.

Wedding cake gets a pretty bad rap—

somewhere along the line, it was decided that “pretty” meant so-so for the tastebuds, and “delicious” meant restrictions on design.

Not for us.

We’re committed to excellence and innovation—making sure that our cakes (for weddings, celebrations and all of life’s sweetest moments.) are not only beautiful but absolutely delicious down to the very last bite.

We’re classically trained pastry chefs who landed in Jackson Hole—where, after years of experience, we met our greatest challenge: conquering high-altitude baking. We had to figure out how to make our signature cakes at high altitude, where our most-beloved recipes wavered in the face of dry air and our timing had to be cut in half.

What we learned? Trial after trial taught us that we weren’t willing to sacrifice taste, texture and structural stability for design. So we perfected our recipes and skills under these new conditions.

Now? Well, let’s just say we can make truly delicious—and beautiful—cakes anywhere in the world.

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This has been fun—

but what’s up next takes the cake!

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Your celebration needs something sweet to go with the champagne you’re about to pop. One of our bespoke cakes will make your party complete!

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